LRS Services

LRS considers itself to be an extension to its client's internal process; a post closing department. Officially, LRS is a third party administrator assisting its clients to accomplish the final task to close a file; we consider ourselves far more than a vendor.

Listed below, is a broad brush overview of standard services provided. LRS will customize its procedures ensuring that the client's expectations are not only met but exceeded. Services provided are but not limited to:

  • Nationwide Service - recording in every local, county and state jurisdiction.
  • Residential and Commercial recordings
  • On-line order tracking, recording information, document images and on demand reporting.
  • Walk up Recordings
  • Electronic Filing
  • Overnight Delivery to recording jurisdiction

Prior to Recording LRS will:

  • Review documents prior to delivery to county reducing likelihood of documents rejected for errors such as:
    • Missing or illegible legal descriptions
    • Missing / illegible notary stamp, witnesses, signatures and printed names
    • Missing or incomplete transfer / tax forms

Document delivery to recording jurisdiction

  • Variety of document delivery methods to recording jurisdiction or abstractor
    • Standard service: UPS Next Day Air included in pricing
    • Electronic Filing: Documents are scanned and delivered electronically to electronic filing enabled counties, resulting in almost instant document recording information.
    • Walk Up service: By utilizing our nationwide network of abstractors, your document will be "walked" up to the registrar ensuring recording information within 24 hours.
    • All pricing structures include:
      • Overnight delivery to recording jurisdiction or abstractor
      • Electronic Filing
      • 1st class USPS mail return of recorded documents to Lender Recording Services for posting and scanning
      • Overnight delivery of recorded instruments back to client weekly or as directed.

Secure Website Access

  • On-line Tracking System provides clients with:
    • 24 hour access 7 days per week
    • Ability to search for your file / record by one or more of the fields listed below:
      • Mortgagee/ Mortgagor / Grantee / Grantor
      • Client Escrow / Order #
      • LRS Order #
      • Property Address
      • City, County, State
      • APN / PPN #
      • UPS Tracking #
    • On demand Reporting
    • Images of recorded documents

Value Added Services

  • Provide clients with notification of changes in recording fees, statutory requirements etc.
  • Integrated Data Transfer of both recording data and scanned document imaging
  • Customized reporting templates to meet a specific need

Special Projects

  • Lender Recording Services will provide your office or department with either on-going service as well as high and low volume projects consisting of assignments, releases and satisfactions, memorandum of leases plat maps, UCC's etc.


  • Based on volume, geographic concentration, and standard delivery vs. walk up service. Note: There is no surcharge for electronic filing if available.
All production processes are completed within the United States. LRS does not outsource overseas.